ohdaughter: “Just played out last show of the year in Norway. This has been an adventure. See you all everywhere again soon!”

Elena Tonra on stage at Open’er Festival in Poland, 5th July 2014.

Photo by Sosnowska, Z.

Daughter, live at Beacons Festival, 8th August 2014.

Photos by S. Godley

Igor Haefeli on stage at Green Man Festival, 15th August 2014.

Photo by Alex Elms

Daughter - ‘Home’
Live @ Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
Sunday, 13th April 2014


"I can’t live without you, take me to your house…take me home

Elena Tonra with two members of Why We Love at Green Man Festival.

(via Why We Love)


Daughter, night portrait session at Green Man.

Photo credit © Daniel Harris


Daughter - Smoke (Japan Bonus Track)

Daughter, night portrait session at Green Man (III).

Photo credit © Daniel Harris