New #CoverOfTheDay: “Love” by The Kid Flies Private

I chose this cover of “Candles” by Ziggy Alberts and Grace Pitts as #CoverOfTheDay. 

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George Ogilvie’s cover of “Smother” is #CoverOfTheDay

I listened to a lot of covers of this song, but this one stood out for me. I hope you guys like it as much as I do! 

Hi, we’re Daughter

Today’s #CoverOfTheDay: Daughter - ‘Medicine’ (cover by Chisabella)

ohwildyouth’s #CoverOfTheDay

This is just for fun! Maybe an opportunity for you to get your cover heard! —— I don’t have much to post about these days, with the band being in the studio and all that, so I’m going to be posting (or at least try to post) a cover of a Daughter song a day. I will do this on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.

If you’ve seen or heard a video/audio recording of someone covering one of Daughter’s tracks and thought it was really good OR you’ve covered one of their songs yourself, feel free to submit it! I will pick my favourites and then share it with all the amazing people that follow this blog :)

I’ll also compile a list of the videos that got the most notes (or maybe we can have a poll?) and make a post about it on the website

I will update this post whenever I post/reblog a new cover.


7th September: Tyler Nugent - “Youth”
8th September: Janelle Abad - “Shallows”
10th September: Chisabella - “Medicine”
11th September: George Ogilvie - “Smother”
12th September: Ziggy Alberts & Grace Pitts - “Candles”

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because I can’t stop jamming to Daughter/this is one of my favorite albums ever???
Also I’ve been working on recording just the audio for this but I’ve never actually played and sung along to it straight so I though I’d give it a try and this is what happened. Might post what I’ve been working on on my soundcloud. might not. idk but yeah!!!!!

Elena Tonra on stage at Piknik i Parken in Oslo, Norway, 30th August 2014.

© Johannes Andersen

Daughter - Youth (Acoustic Cover)

Please accept this gif of Elena as a token of my gratitude, all the messages and e-mails you guys send me are amazing and I appreciate every single one of you.